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Dave & Vickie Masa – Still working hard with their Existing Company,  Radon Reduction Systems, Inc., Saving Lives Mitigating Homes! 

32 Years later – As of May, 2022 –  Vickie has branched off to launch a NEW Company – “Your Radon Resource, LLC. – “Spreading the Word” about the “Dangers of Radon Gas” using Dave’s Super-Hero Status!!

We are EXCITED to start branching out to start speaking to Real Estate Offices – Attorney Offices – New Builders – Property Managers of Apartments, Town Homes & Condos!!   PLUS we are in the process of becoming certified to start offering Continuous Education Classes to – Realtors, Plumbers, Pipefitters, Heating & Air Conditioning Contractors. 

With being in the Radon Business for over 32 Years now – Vickie & Dave have more PASSION than EVER  to make sure EVERYONE knows about the “TRUE FACTS ABOUT RADON GAS!”

Why Check Radon Levels?

Lung Cancer

It is the second-leading cause of lung cancer after cigarettes.

Levels Change

Radon levels can change over time, putting your family's health at risk.

Low Costs

A simple test is fast, cheap, and can prevent major health issues.

Peace of Mind

It feels good to know that your indoor air quality is safe for your family.

Our Resources

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U.S. Radon Map

What's the probability that your home is over the threshold for radon exposure?


Home Mitigation

How do you go about mitigating radon from your home, venting dangerous gases outdoors?


Radon Education

Learn from Dave Masa, a.k.a. the Radon Man™ and always remember, Radon Never Sleeps.™


Indoor Air Quality

How often you should test your indoor air quality for radon to protect the health of your family?

Our Team

Dave and Vickie Masa of Naperville, IL founded Radon Reduction Systems, Inc., in 1991, and have mitigated over 25,000 homes. Following, they started Your Radon Resource, to address the health risks of radon: which causes approximately 21,000 lung cancer deaths per year in the U.S.


Dave Masa



Vickie Masa

Vice President

Want to Learn About Radon Gas?

Learn more about radon gas, what is consided safe for indoor air quality, and how to protect your family’s health.

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