Fraction of Homes With Unsafe Indoor Air Quality

Radon Gas is the Second Leading Cause of Lung Cancer, second to smoking cigarettes. Want to test your radon levels? Order a test today.

How to Mitigate Radon

A depressurization system involves trapping and venting radon gas beneath the slab of your home, using a polyethylene membrane and a duct fan to create a vacuum and vent radon gas through PVC pipe to the exterior of your home.

Radon Testing

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Important Resources

Learn more about radon hazards, appropriate levels, testing, and mitigation.


What Is Radon Gas?

Learn about radon gas and its measurement from the Radon Man™ and always remember, Radon Never Sleeps.™

3D illustration of Lungs - Part of Human Organic.

Radon Hazards, Levels, & Testing

What's the probability that your home is over the threshold for radon exposure?


Home Mitigation

How do you go about mitigating radon from your home, venting dangerous gases outdoors?

Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety

Want to discuss radon with our government officials? Contact the Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety using the number below.

Government Resources

Learn more about radon gas from the following government resources.

IDPH: Radon Gas

Learn about radon and its effects on health from the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH).

CDC: Radon & Health

Learn about radon and your health from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

ALA: Radon Resources

Learn about indoor air quality and radon resources from the American Lung Association (ALA).

Additional Resources

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