Important Radon Testing Information

Important Information:

  • This Radon System is recommended to be tested EVERY 2 YEARS!  Make sure your U-Tube Manometer red levels are always uneven, as marked.  Please call us if you have ANY questions 630-357-9474.
  • All Radon Mitigation work performed will abide by all State of Illinois regulations. (Regulations with legal Authority)
  • The Radon Mitigation Testing should be conducted no sooner than 24 hours, nor later than 30 days following completion and activation of the Mitigation System. The test may be conducted by a Radon Management Professional Licensee, or by the resident of the dwelling.
  • Radon Reduction Systems Inc., does use some chemicals, solvents, adhesives, and lubricants that may be harmful if coming in contact with. Material Safety Data Sheets are available upon request.

Important Phone Numbers – Illinois Licensed Testers:

  • Perfection Home Inspections Naperville – 630-669-0775
  • Brick Kickers – Naperville – 630-420-9900
  • Radon Detection Specialist – Burr Ridge – 630-325-4443
  • DuPage Testing – Warrenville – 630-225-7997
  • RKC Radon Testing – Oswego – 630-373-4229

Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety: 1-800-325-1245

Estimated annual operation costs:

  • Sub-Slab Depressurization System $75-175
  • Sub-Membrane Depressurization $70-175

Radon Reduction Systems, Inc.
Established – September, 27th, 1991
Dave Masa “The Radon Man™”
Office 630-357-9474 / Cell 630-258-0697

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